Personal, Project or Business Photo Album: Our digital photo album is super easy to use and only costs $20 dollars. It holds thousands of large, up to 900 px. wide photographs. There can be dozens of topics, each with individual photo album pages. Six different backgrounds to choose from. Easy to read instructions located throughout the album to make administration of the photo album as simple as possible. You're not required to know any computer or web page code and you don't even need to have an internet connection. Any computer (even Linux & Unix) with a modern Web Browser will do. If you can read and understand what's written on this page, you should be able to use our photo album.
Best of all, you can share the completed album any time by keeping it on a USB stick!

Starting size of the photo album is very small, less than 10 MB in size. Once finished, the entire finished album can be stored on a CD/DVD disk or even a USB stick for convenience. There's even an extra folder where you can keep a copies of original oversized images. That's important since the photo album pages are viewed best with images that are no larger in width than 900 px. Most modern digital cameras take substantially larger photographs by default though. That's why it would be beneficial to make a copy of your original images first, in order to resize them properly for the pages in the digital photo album. Click here to view a sample album!
The album can not be edited online, just viewed. contact us if you have any questions.

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